What Sets Us Apart

We Treat Our Clients’ Capital as if it is Our Own

What Sets Us Apart

We Treat Our Clients’ Capital as if it is Our Own

Our experience is reflected in our client-centric approach, which is grounded in collaboration, frequent communication, and responsiveness.

We believe this approach will drive results in the form of increased optionality for our clients, a more efficient process, and ultimately enhanced internal rates of return for the investors we serve.

  • We Are Client-Focused

    We will take the time to actively solicit our clients’ ideas, concerns, and viewpoints so that we fully understand our clients’ objectives and how they define success.

    We will treat our clients’ capital as if it is our own, while never losing sight of who the ultimate decision makers are.

    We will tailor our approach because we understand there is a wide spectrum of how active and/or aggressive investors may want an indenture trustee or loan agent to act in a given situation.

    We can provide additional, value-added customized solutions before, during, and after restructuring situations, as requested by investors. This includes accessing the extensive capabilities, restructuring experience, and industry expertise of the over 450 professionals of our parent company, Ankura, to supplement the skillsets and experience of the Ankura Trust team.

    We believe this approach aligns our interests with those of our clients, thereby ensuring everything we do is for the success of our clients.

  • We Are More Than a Passive Administrator

    We will be a vocal advocate for our clients through the entire restructuring process, including active participation on UCCs.

    We will communicate early and often while respecting issues related to material nonpublic information. We are acutely aware of the importance of, and have experience in, managing information flows appropriately.

    We will review and analyze all relevant transaction documents and develop a perspective.

    If investors so desire, the Ankura Trust team will:

    • Challenge proposals, business plans, and other information provided by the company.
    • Take a leadership role to help facilitate the progress of the restructuring process.
    • Perform in-house industry, company, and other analysis.
  • We Are Independent

    As an independent trust company, we are not faced with the conflicts of interest inherent in most of the larger financial institutions that offer trustee, agent, and escrow services.


    • Ankura Trust does not commit its own capital to any part of the capital structure of any company.
    • Our business is representing creditors; therefore we do not have the relationship conflicts that result from traditional commercial or investment banking relationships with companies or sponsors.

    This will help to assure clients that:

    • Our focus will be on achieving their objectives.
    • There will be continuity of the relationship with Ankura Trust for the duration of the engagement.
    • We will give objective, impartial consideration to the financial advisors, investment bankers, and counsel that are best suited to be engaged for a particular matter.
  • We Define Success Through the Eyes of Our Clients

    Achieving the desired outcomes of investors is our primary objective – and this is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

    We aim to deliver flawless execution of investor strategies and administrative services.

    We strive to maximize the internal rates of return for the investors we represent.

    Our understanding of the restructuring process and associated dynamics coupled with our experience as principal investors and client-centric approach uniquely positions us to help investors devise and implement a plan of action.

    We also understand the importance of seamless administrative and operational services. As a result, we have experienced and dedicated staff focusing on these areas.