Lisa J. Price
Managing Director

Corporate Trust Manager; Escrow, Indenture, & Administrative Agent

Lisa J. Price is a Managing Director at Ankura Trust Company with more than 25 years of experience in the trust and securities industries leading administrative teams and coordinating contract negotiations, product development and ensuring compliance with policies and regulatory issues. She has managed trustee, escrow, and other agency product offerings, as well as acted as primary interface for both internal and external audits.

  • Experience

    Lisa’s professional experience includes working in the corporate trust departments of the former Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC Bank USA where she negotiated agreements with clients and their counsel to ensure that associated duties were operationally feasible and the terms and conditions complied with each bank’s respective policies and procedures.

    Lisa’s professional experience spans a breadth of service offerings, including:

    • Transaction Management: Reviewed and negotiated agreements for escrow, indentures and agency activities. Participated in client onboarding and pricing as well as certifying that transaction documents complied with appropriate policies and procedures. Interfaced with counsel and principals to clarify documentation and define deal mechanics for all parties to transactions. Consulted with both in-house and external counsel to ensure appropriateness of role and responsibilities pursuant to acceptance policies and procedures. Executed contracts, established operating accounts, and provided deal summaries for ongoing administration of appointments.
    • Escrow Administration: Negotiated, executed, and provided pricing for escrow contracts. Reviewed and accepted new escrow appointments. Handled ongoing administration of Corporate Trust appointments, including good faith, litigation, class action, bankruptcy related and performance escrows. Established benchmark terms, developed standardized agreements and reviewed agreements to ascertain acceptance eligibility and fee structure. Managed escrow teams, revenue retention, new business appointments, and compliance. Responsible for account reviews and KYC/AML efforts. Determined suitability of appointments as a matter of departmental policy and feasibility.
    • Default Administration: Represented bondholders’ interests in corporate bankruptcy matters. Appointed unsecured creditor committee member and coordinated appropriate actions/responses.
    • Agency Administration: Managed agency team, revenue retention, and new business appointments. Negotiated, executed and priced contracts with issuers and their counsel. Monitored account administration to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.